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Watch this webinar to discover the results of the 2014 Engineering Marketer survey and gain insights on what other engineering marketers are doing (or not doing) in an effort to better their marketing returns this year. You'll get plenty of valuable tips and trends to help you in optimizing your own marketing spending.


In this webinar you’ll find out:

  • Whether engineering marketers are getting more budget in 2014
  • If anyone plans to invest in print media
  • Where engineering marketers will spend more money this year
  • What’s types of content are most popular for an engineering audience – white papers or webinars
  • What’s the biggest challenge facing engineering marketers in 2014


Your webinar host: John Hayes

President, ENGINEERING.com


John is the author of the Digital Marketing for Engineers blogDigital Marketing for Engineers eBook and the Video Marketing for Engineers eBook. 


 Learn more about how marketers are planning their 2014 campaigns for engineers.