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Sponsored Post & Amplification Program

You’ve developed a wonderful brand, but telling stories in an engaging way can be a battle. You also need to get that story in front of the right audience.


Engineering.com can help you tell your story, and broadcast it to a potential pool of over 2 million engineers through our Written Post and Amplification Program.

Engineering.com features targeted sections with editorial from top industry analysts. 

Your brand stories can be seamlessly woven into this stream as editorial content, a technique gaining popularity in the industry known as "Native Advertising".  

We have a deep resource pool of writers with the domain expertise and storytelling skills to help you to make your sponsored post a story that our audience craves.

More than that, we can AMPLIFY your sponsored content to an engaged engineering audience to increase exposure and view count.  If you're a marketer looking to improve brand awareness and traffic to your website through inbound links, then this is a product worth your time to explore.

Find out more about the Sponsored Post and Amplification Program by downloading the brochure.