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PLM_InsightsPLM Insights on ENGINEERING.com provides original thought leadership stories for Project Lifecycle Management (PLM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) decision makers.

Our writers and analysts, including Verdi Ogewell, provide leading edge coverage through articles, webinars and video relevant to the PLM systems, agile software and the new product development industry.


The target audience for the PLM and ERP section focuses specifically on design and technology decision makers in English speaking countries, including:

VP, Engineering, Engineering Manager, CAD Manager, CIO, CXO, VP Marketing, VP Product Design.

These business leaders are currently using PLM/ERP software or investigating a potential implementation.

For marketers, the PLM/ERP section provides a platform to remain top of mind with hard to reach decision makers and drive leads into the sales funnel. We are offering two types of sponsorships for this section, both having limited spots available.

For more  information on what each sponsorship 
includes please download the PLM Insights Brief