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Success with Digital Marketing - a Road Map for Manufacturers

 ENGINEERING.com & Tiecas Inc. present a special webinar

Success with Digital Marketing - a Road Map for Manufacturers and Industrial Marketers

On-demand webinar


In this webinar we present a roadmap to reaching target buyers through digital marketing for engineering and industrial companies.  We also discuss how to make a case for digital marketing as a marketer in industrial and manufacturing companies.





Your presenters

john-hayes_crop2                Achinta_crop

John Hayes
Author, Digital Marketing for Engineers

  Achinta Mitra
President, Tiecas, Inc. 
Author, Industrial Marketing Today



In this webinar, you will learn:

  1. A roadmap for manufacturing and industrial marketers to go digital
  2. How to improve your content marketing to engineers and measure return on marketing investment
  3. We help you build a business case for digital industrial marketing, using a case study as an example