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This guide highlights best practices on how to use the Internet to advertise to engineers and other technical audiences.


If you need to:

Sell to engineers
  • Engineering Software
  • Consulting services
  • Components, supplies and devices
  • Tools and standards
Recruit engineers for
  • Education Programs – Bachelors, Masters or Continuing Professional Development
  • Career opportunities in Industry, Government or Vocations

Look no further!

This 50 page eGuide, developed BY engineers FOR engineers, comes from years of experience working with an online community of technical specialists and decision-makers on ENGINEERING.com. It will make your communication with technical audiences better. Whether you want to expand your online spend – but efficiently; get better reach; or understand how to communicate effectively and improve results with technical audiences, this guide will help you:

  • Design an online marketing campaign that appeals to engineers
  • Measure the success of your online marketing campaigns
  • Compare the value of various media offerings
  • Engage your audience from introduction through to lead
  • Communicate effectively with an analytic, data-driven audience that makes decisions on facts not emotions

This eGuide is divided into 7 White Papers that will take you through concrete steps to plan, execute and measure your digital marketing campaigns.

Contents, by chapter:

  • Chapter 1 -  Why 95% of Traditional Advertising is Wasted
  • Chapter 2 - Does you web site talk to your audience?
  • Chapter 3 - THe tyranny of keywords: Getting your audience to find you
  • Chapter 4 - Paying for Traffic: Introduction to paid campaigns
  • Chapter 5 - Measuring Internet Advertising: What's your cost per lead?
  • Chapter 6 - The Power of Community: Social media for your prospects
  • Chapter 7 - Desiging your Internet Marketing Campaign: A Case Study