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Marketers – Your Chance to Ask Engineers about Their Content Preferences

Posted by John Hayes

Aug 18, 2016 8:53:36 AM


We’ll 20150902_image_2.jpgbe running a survey this month about how engineers consume content.  Are there any questions you, as an engineering marketer, would like us to ask?

At ENGINEERING.com we often survey engineers about their media and information consumption preferences.  A lot of that information is useful to us as publishers – it helps us tailor the stories we select and the ways we tell them.

The answers engineers give us can be just as valuable to you as marketers as they are to us as publishers. 


Wouldn’t you like to know how many of your target audience prefer a pdf to a web page?  Or what age groups of engineers read your content on a smartphone rather than a laptop?  Answering these questions is particularly important for marketers trying to improve content engagement, which is a vital metric to many of you. 

The other questions we will be asking are about content preferences, such as whether engineers:

  • Read more online or in print
  • Prefer apps or social media to visiting web sites
  • Are open to receiving emails
  • Use ad blockers


We normally charge a fee to survey engineers, but as part of our mission to advance all engineering we want to help marketers connect with engineers.  Why?  Because it is the products that your company sells that assist engineers in being more innovative and productive.  We cannot offer everyone a free survey, but you can submit a question for this one for free. 

If you want to submit a question, try to frame it as something that other engineering marketers would also like to know. For example, rather than asking about how engineers seek out spec sheets on a linear actuator, ask whether they prefer search to navigating through vendor sites or online catalogs when they are seeking solutions to a specific problem.

Our most recent surveys on topics like this reached anywhere from 500 - 800 engineers.  That gives you a chance at a very good data set, so enter your questions in the comments section below.



Topics: Digital media and online marketing, Content marketing for engineers, Industry trends and research, Marketing to engineers

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