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Digital Marketing for Engineers Blog

Engineers on social media: Data dump for marketers

Posted by Andrew McWhaw

Nov 30, 2017 8:47:23 AM

A few months ago, we surveyed just shy of 1200 engineering and design professionals to learn about how they find and consume engineering information (the full research report it now available here).  One area I was extremely curious about was social media. 

My curiosity stemmed from 2 seemingly counter-intuitive facts: 1) Social Media is the most commonly used engineering marketing tactic over the last 4 years & 2) It’s reported to be one of the least effective at generating revenue. This is evidenced by the following two charts:

(If you’d like to learn what the most effective tactics were as reported in January of 2017 you can find all that and more information in this research report)

Today, we’re going to answer some fundamental questions about engineers and social media using data from our recent survey of 1,187 engineers as well as web analytics data from ENGINEERING.com. The answers to the following questions should help us understand why marketers seem to have such difficulty in generating revenue from social media:

  • Do engineers use social media for gathering work related material?
  • Of those who do, what channels do they rely on?
  • What types of content is best suited to reaching them?
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Engineers Hate Your Content Marketing

Posted by John Hayes

Apr 26, 2017 6:54:55 PM

In a survey of engineering marketers, 87% said that they were investing in content marketing. 

Unfortunately, that same survey revealed that creating engaging content for engineers was the biggest challenge.

Why do engineers hate your content marketing?  Well, it’s because marketers are the ones directing the content marketing show.  Simply put…

It’s not them. It’s you.

In this post, we’ll look at:

  1. Who engineers trust the most to give them product information
  2. What experts say about marketers creating marketing content
  3. One thing that you can do to deliver content that satisfies engineers.
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Amplifying your Content Marketing with Employee Advocacy

Posted by John Hayes

Apr 19, 2017 4:30:28 PM

In 2017, virtually every engineering marketer has a content strategy. Many have learned from experience that creating content is only half the battle. The other half is getting that content in front of the right audience.

One potential game-changer for distributing your content is to leverage the social followers of your employees. This approach, called employee advocacy, is rapidly becoming an accepted practice that can dramatically increase how many people your brand stories will touch.

With social media so ingrained in everyone’s day-to-day it only makes sense that marketers are looking for ways to expand their social reach beyond just their own followers. One path forward is Employees who can have a remarkable multiplying effect on your distribution for two reasons:

  1. Employees are perceived as more authentic than your brand social channels, resulting in higher clicks and shares, and
  2. Your employees, when all added together, have a bigger reach than your brand channels.

So should you consider an employee advocacy platform?  To help answer that question I spoke to a representative of one such platform as well as a lead marketer from a major engineering software company. They helped me to understand how these systems work and what their benefits are for industrial marketers.  I found this topic incredibly interesting and I think you will too.

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5 Quick Industrial Lead Generation Tips

Posted by Jennifer Shore

Feb 16, 2017 8:44:45 AM

Regardless of your function on the marketing team, you should be working toward one common goal: Generating high-quality leads for your sales team.

We all have struggles, though: Maybe you deal with some finger-pointing between sales and marketing. Or you’re trying to generate a higher volume of leads from organic search.  You could very well be obsessing over the idea of bringing in a $1,000,000 deal (which, hate to break it to you, probably won’t happen off of a first-time engagement).

Whatever your challenges are, there’s room for improvement and ways you can jumpstart problem solving.

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Three important content trends for engineering marketers

Posted by John Hayes

Aug 10, 2016 1:40:31 PM


It’s frustrating to be an engineering marketer.  You create an excellent piece of content, only to see it get no views. This post covers three trends that are impacting the distribution of your content.


These trends are spelled out in the Reuters 2016 Digital News Report.  While it does not speak specifically to marketing to engineers, it does highlight broader content trends that we can put into an engineering context.


  1. People are increasingly accessing their news through aggregation platforms like Google and Facebook

  2. Smartphones are used by 53% of news readers

  3. Video news is not as popular as expected


Read on for my take on why this matters to engineering marketers and what you can do about it.


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How Engineering Software Marketers Use Social Media

Posted by John Hayes

Feb 18, 2016 12:19:49 PM

Last week we outlined that software marketers, compared to other engineering marketers, place a higher priority on brand awareness as a marketing goal.

So how are software companies building brand awareness? One area where they excel is in using social media. In fact, they allocate a larger portion of their budget toward social media than other engineering marketers.

Source: Survey of 116 engineering marketers


Read on to learn how software marketers use social media to drive brand awareness. 

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Does Social Media Marketing Reach Engineers?  Survey Results

Posted by John Hayes

Oct 8, 2015 10:21:06 AM

(Updated: July 6th, 2017)


Many technology marketers wonder whether they can use social media to reach engineers.  

In this post we’ll review the research on how engineers use social media and how marketers are responding. 

Here are a few key findings that can help technology marketers decide how much to invest into social media and which platforms are likely to deliver the best match.

  • Most engineers report at least some usage of social media for work purposes
  • Age is a key predictor of the likelihood of reaching an engineer using social media
  • Facebook tends to work for awareness content, but LinkedIn is superior for deeper engagement
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The Future of Engineers on the Internet in 3 Words: Mobile. Video. Social.

Posted by John Hayes

Aug 27, 2015 12:19:00 PM

Here’s a hint: it is toward mobile, video, and social. Mary Meeker at KPCB produces some wonderful research on Internet trends, which I’ll explore in this post in the context of marketing to engineers.

  1. Mobile. 

As your audience of engineers switches their research and consumption habits to mobile, what are the best ways to reach them?

  1. Video. 

Video is one of the best ways to convey complex information, such as how your product works.  In this post well show how fast it’s growing and the biggest challenge engineering marketers face with video.

  1. Social.

Finding places where engineers gather online to talk about engineering challenges can be very rewarding for marketers who use the right metrics.

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How to use Social Media to get more out of your Next Conference

Posted by Rachel Wilson

Oct 30, 2014 9:49:03 AM

Let’s say you are attending a conference.  You have some clear objectives on what you want to learn.  You know which vendors you want to visit and the seminars you plan to attend. How can you use social media to get more out of your conference plan-of-attack?

With the rise of platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn, it’s easier than ever for conference organisers to put their in-person events online, in real time. And while this is great promotion for the conference, it’s good for you, too. Being active on social media during an exhibition can help you with business branding,expanding your network and getting more out of the entire conference experience.


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How to tell whether you are getting value from your content marketing to engineers?

Posted by John Hayes

Mar 13, 2014 3:06:00 PM

A dollars and cents framework for scoring content campaigns.  

dollarscents2This post will lay out a dollars and cents framework for scoring the metrics of your content marketing campaigns to engineers.  It’s hard, because there are multiple steps in the buyers’ journey from your content piece to a new industrial customer signing a deal with your sales team. 

With so much separating your marketing efforts from the eventual purchase, you might be inclined to follow the crowd and conduct content marketing because everyone else is.  But that approach won’t make you CMO. 

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