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Digital Marketing for Engineers Blog

An Engineering Marketers Guide to Lead Nurturing

Posted by Andrew McWhaw

Jan 19, 2017 11:25:40 AM

What makes engineering so special?  Many would answer it’s because engineering is a discipline that betters the world by pushing the boundaries of innovation.  But as we heap praise on engineers for pushing the boundaries of innovation, I’m left asking where is the love for the engineering marketers who innovate in the marketing space? 

I’m always incredibly impressed with how curious many marketers are with nascent marketing tactics.  Regrettably, while many express curiosity, at the end of the day (or quarter) they get so worried about hitting their lead gen goals that they forego experimenting with something new. Instead, they default to  the tactics that are well understood and “good enough”. 

This isn’t the story of marketers playing it safe – It’s the story of a few brave marketers who said, “let’s shake it up and do something new” with a Lead Nurturing Campaign and reaped the rewards.  But don’t take my word for it, take a look at the numbers themselves: 

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The Importance of Lead Validation on Internet Marketing

Posted by Aaron Wittersheim

Jun 16, 2016 10:20:31 AM

“If marketers are judging the success of their campaigns (SEO, PPC, email, etc.) on quantity of inquiries instead of quality, they could be overestimating their results by as much as half. “


This is one of the findings set out in a presentation called the “Importance of Lead Validation” from Straight North, an SEO agency in Charlotte. 


The data in the presentation indicates that about 50 percent of a company’s website inquiries are not leads. For the purposes of this study, the authors defined a lead as a person who would listen to phone inquiry recordings and read form submissions. The authors state that this process allows a company to separate actual sales leads from other non-sales inquiries.

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