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Digital Marketing for Engineers Blog

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Where are You in Your Digital Transformation?

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Marketing to Engineering Decision Makers – Dos and Don’ts

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Account Based Marketing for the Engineering Marketer

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How to Compensate an Industrial Marketer

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Top 5 Trends for Engineering Marketers in 2017

The Changing Challenges of Engineering Marketers

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Mobile Engineering Marketing – the Biggest Missed Opportunity of 2017?

An Engineering Marketers Guide to Lead Nurturing

33% of Engineering Marketers have Bigger Budgets in 2017. Are you one of them?

How will Engineering Marketers Allocate their Budgets in 2017?

Survey and Research reports – Two Birds for Engineering Marketers

Marketers Struggle to Reach Young Engineers – Here’s Why

Manufacturing Marketers Report Success with Content Marketing: Survey

Engineers are Changing How They Access Information – What’s Next?

Content Marketing to Automotive Engineers

97% of Engineers Will Consider any Email You Send - Survey

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Millennial Engineers Don’t Consume Content the Same Old Way - Survey

875 Engineers Say Where They Get Their Information

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Marketers – Your Chance to Ask Engineers about Their Content Preferences

Three important content trends for engineering marketers

Formula to Measure Success of Content –or How Not to Be a Lazy Bastard

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Trade Shows: A Love/Hate Relationship

Five New Campaign Ideas to Juice Your Engineering Marketing Success

Webinars: Marketers are Going where the Engineers Are

The Importance of Lead Validation on Internet Marketing

Proving that Content Marketing Works for Manufacturers

Three Free Research Reports for Engineering Marketers

Four myths about content marketing to engineers

Online Engineering Communities Provide Useful Insights for Marketers

Surveys can help you create outstanding downloadable content for your prospects

Four Steps to Better Alignment Between Marketing and Sales

Manufacturers say Content Marketing Isn’t Working, But Will Do More Anyway

Engineering is multidisciplinary – Is your marketing?

Research Report: Engineering Marketers’ 2016 Campaign Plans

How Engineering Software Marketers Use Social Media

Engineering Software Marketers say Branding is Top Priority in 2016

Telling an engineering story that will generate leads

Email for Industrial Marketing – Back from the Dead?

Manufacturing marketing is moving to digital media

Top Three Trends for Engineering Marketers in 2016

How are engineering marketers spending their budgets in 2016?

Lead Generation Forms – What’s Too Much Information?

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A Checklist for Your Content Marketing Stories for Engineers

How to Tell a Good Story to Engineers

Webinars Draw More Engineers than Tradeshows

Great Industrial Content Doesn’t Follow the 80/20 Rule

Does Social Media Marketing Reach Engineers?  Survey Results

Why are webinars so effective for engineering audiences?

The most important thing HubSpot’s Inbound 2015 told us about marketing

New survey on how engineers find information

Why does video marketing to engineers work?

The Future of Engineers on the Internet in 3 Words: Mobile. Video. Social.

Engineers are blocking your ads. Whatcha gonna do?

The flywheel model for engineering marketing

Roadmap to Digital Marketing – INFOGRAPHIC

One size of Blog Posts won’t Fit all your Marketing Goals

The manufacturer’s roadmap to digital marketing

Engineers going digital in information search – survey results

Content: the Gift That Keeps on Giving

A formula for measuring content marketing success in engineering

Are you Still Using Offline Tactics to Capture an Online Audience? The Higher Education Example.

The Role of Marketing in Complex Solution Sales: using PLM as an example

How to Nurture your Engineering Leads so they are Ready for Sales

Why Engineering Marketers Aren’t Getting Credit for their Leads

Interactive cover of Compass Magazine is the coolest engineering marketing of 2015 so far

Marketers of Master’s of Engineering Degrees face Special Challenges

Why packaged solutions work in the computer hardware industry

#Mobilegeddon Guide for Engineering Marketers

Advertising with an Engineering Publication - Does Size Matter?

A Framework for Deciding What to Say in Technology Marketing to Engineers

A Simple Formula for Budgeting Content Promotion

Why “Credible Sponsored Content” is Not an Oxymoron

Manufacturers are Laggards in Digital Marketing – Why that’s Good News

Why Won’t My Slimy Marketing Tricks work on Engineers?

Manufacturing Marketers: 3 Fixes for Your Content Marketing Strategy

Here's how to Generate More Leads at Your Next Live Event for Engineers

Beyond mobile marketing: driving cross-screen engagement in your engineering audience

Quiz Results Show Engineering Marketers could Brush Up on their Analytic Skills

Is Print Media Dead to Engineering Marketers?

What not to do. Secrets of the Worst Performing Engineering Marketers

Killing it in Engineering Marketing. 2 Ways Top Marketers Spend Differently

Mobile Tactics for Engineering Marketers in 2015

What do engineering marketers want for Christmas? Well, it isn't more leads according to this survey.

Engineers to Marketers – Enough with the Infographics!

How does your budget compare to other Engineering Marketers?

Using Digital Media to Reach Manufacturing Engineers

How we restored our Engineering Visitors after Google’s Penguin update in October

Find out what engineering marketers are planning

How to use Social Media to get more out of your Next Conference

10 Steps to Excellent Sponsored Editorial for Engineers

Do you submit guest blogs to engineering sites?

Our secret test for hiring excellent digital engineering marketers

Should your engineering marketing team provide sales qualified leads?

Mapping your Content and Keywords to the Engineer’s Buying Journey

Are you destined for the marketing corner office?

How engineering marketing will fundamentally change over the next 5 years

Does Marketing Automation live up to the Hype?

What can a 3D Printing Marketer do when the hype is over?

8 Steps to an Outstanding Webinar for Engineers

Should engineering marketers be publishers? It depends on the content.

Anatomy of a Landing Page for Engineers

Canada’s Anti Spam Legislation is a Big Deal for Engineering Marketers

Reaching Engineers in a Mobile World

Pitching a Story to Engineering Publications

Balancing Engineering Lead Quotas with Lead Quality

Decision Authority for Engineering Field Marketers

Content Campaigns for Awareness, Consideration and Decision Making

Non-invasive Marketing to Engineers – Native Advertising and Sponsored Content

Do you have crappy engineering leads or lazy sales people? The Battle of MQL vs SQL

Aligning Your Content for Engineers with Target Buyer Personas

The Right Online Education Leads for your Masters of Engineering Program – Landing Pages that Achieve Your Registration Objectives

How to tell whether you are getting value from your content marketing to engineers?

The Skinny on Content Distribution to Engineers

Marketers’ Misconceptions about the Mind of an Engineer

Reaching Engineers in a Mobile World

Beyond Facebook and Twitter – Reaching Engineers on Social Media

How we got 1M Facebook Followers for Engineering Stories - Six steps that made engineers follow us

Lessons from Design Software Marketers

Online Education Leads for your Master of Engineering Program

Content Marketing for Engineers: More than Half of Engineering Marketers will spend more on video in 2014

Results of the 2014 Marketing for Engineers Survey

Are Engineering Marketers Getting more Budget for Christmas?

What are engineering marketers planning for 2014?

The Sales Qualified Lead Factory

2014 – The Year of the Story for Engineering Marketers

Lead Quality versus Quantity. The Engineering Marketers Dilemma.

Accountability and the Engineering Marketer

Choosing a Marketing Automation Tool for Engineers

Algorithms don’t unlock the secrets to making great engineering videos

Paying for Coverage of your Engineering Stories

The Media that Engineers are Reading