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Why does video marketing to engineers work?

Posted by John Hayes

Sep 3, 2015 9:45:15 AM


Why is video marketing uniquely valuable for engaging engineers, more than other audiences? More importantly, how do you create effective video content, and how do you deliver videos to the right audience?

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The Future of Engineers on the Internet in 3 Words: Mobile. Video. Social.

Posted by John Hayes

Aug 27, 2015 12:19:00 PM

Here’s a hint: it is toward mobile, video, and social. Mary Meeker at KPCB produces some wonderful research on Internet trends, which I’ll explore in this post in the context of marketing to engineers.

  1. Mobile. 

As your audience of engineers switches their research and consumption habits to mobile, what are the best ways to reach them?

  1. Video. 

Video is one of the best ways to convey complex information, such as how your product works.  In this post well show how fast it’s growing and the biggest challenge engineering marketers face with video.

  1. Social.

Finding places where engineers gather online to talk about engineering challenges can be very rewarding for marketers who use the right metrics.

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Engineers are blocking your ads. Whatcha gonna do?

Posted by John Hayes

Aug 20, 2015 11:01:00 AM

The rise of ad blocking software has been a big story in digital media this year.  Just how big an issue has become clearer now thanks to a study that Pagefair and Adobe published last week.

Building a brand is an important part of the job for engineering marketers, and banner ads are a useful way to increase brand awareness.  If banners are blocked, that’s one fewer arrow in the quiver for engineering marketers. 

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The flywheel model for engineering marketing

Posted by John Hayes

Aug 13, 2015 10:14:31 AM

Many of our software and hardware customers use a flywheel concept when approaching new product launches. We took a page from their books to draw an analogy to inbound marketing.

Like a flywheel, inbound marketing takes a ton of energy to get started.  But once that flywheel starts spinning, it becomes incredibly efficient at generating leads and awareness with relatively little effort.

The flywheel analogy is an excellent way to explain the value of making an investment in inbound marketing to your senior managers.  It helps them understand that inbound marketing is not a campaign.  Rather it is a long-term strategy that takes some time to yield results.

In this post I’ll dig into why it takes so long and why it’s worthwhile.

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Roadmap to Digital Marketing – INFOGRAPHIC

Posted by John Hayes

Aug 6, 2015 3:12:00 PM

Many industrial marketers are still struggling to convince their upper management of the value of digital marketing. In our experience, the best way to do that is to achieve some early wins and use that success to justify further investment.

In the following roadmap to going digital we recommend that you match your efforts to the engineer’s buying journey. But rather than beginning with the engineer’s research stage and working through to purchase, you should start at the end of their journey and work backwards. That is to say, you would start by investing in converting the most prospects into customers at the end of their buying journey. Once that base is in place you can start to invest in bringing more traffic.

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One size of Blog Posts won’t Fit all your Marketing Goals

Posted by John Hayes

Jul 30, 2015 12:14:52 PM

Hubspot recently published some research on whether marketers should strive for more quality or quantity in their blog posts.  The Hubspot marketers ran their analysis against three objectives, all of which are relevant for engineering marketers:

  • Views
  • Net new leads
  • Subscribers

In this post I’ll contrast what they found with our blog posting strategy.

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The manufacturer’s roadmap to digital marketing

Posted by John Hayes

Jul 23, 2015 10:25:00 AM

Many marketers know that they need to direct more of their marketing budget online. But manufacturing and industrial marketers face two particular challenges

  1. They lack a clear roadmap as to which digital marketing investments to make first and which ones can come later
  2. They have trouble proving the ROI to their CEOs

On Wednesday, August 5 Achinta Mitra, President of Tiecas and I will be hosting a webinar for industrial marketers to address these two topics.  I hope you will join us by registering here.

In case you aren’t familiar with Achinta, he also writes a blog called Industrial Marketing Today.  He knows tons about marketing for manufacturing companies, so I’m pretty stoked to have him join us for this presentation.

As a lead-up to the webinar, let’s take a look at why digital marketing is the best path forward for manufacturing marketers.

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Engineers going digital in information search – survey results

Posted by John Hayes

Jul 16, 2015 10:36:00 AM

A 2015 survey of CAD users by Business Advantage points out a big trend for engineering marketers. 

The survey asked questions mostly about how engineers use software.  However, the following question will be of particular interest to engineering marketers:

Which sources of information do you use to keep up to date with regards to the latest developments in the CAD industry?

If you are not in the CAD industry, you may still be interested in the answer, since engineers searching for CAD may also be searching for shop floor equipment or electronics components, for example. 

The top response for the last two years has been Internet Search Engines.  That’s no surprise.  It’s the second top response that may surprise engineering marketers.  Last year it was “Industry Magazines / Journals”, but no more.

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Content: the Gift That Keeps on Giving

Posted by Roopinder Tara

Jul 9, 2015 12:41:00 PM

A modern marketing mix will include advertising, trade shows, other lead generation campaigns and lately, more and more content creation. Here is why creating content may be the most effective marketing spend in the long run.

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A formula for measuring content marketing success in engineering

Posted by John Hayes

Jul 2, 2015 12:04:00 PM

The algorithm we use at

As marketers to an engineering audience, we’re often called upon to be story-tellers.  There are lots of resources that can guide us on how to tell a better engineering story

But how do you know you’ve truly connected with your audience?  Should you measure Page Views?  Shares?  Likes?  Or some combination of all of the above? As an engineering publication, we have developed an algorithm to evaluate our stories for engineers.

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