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is a digital publisher bringing the most influential voices in engineering to a worldwide design and engineer audience. We leverage our multi-channel platform to put your content in front of your target audience, assisting you to generate leads, create brand awareness and deliver on marketing objectives.

Our Vision

We believe engineering is the most important profession in the world. Our team of editors, content writers, videographers and industry analysts create daily content to give voice to engineering stories from across the world to inspire engineers to push the boundaries of innovation.

All of our content is free to engineers to access. We work with marketers who align with our cause to further the engineering profession.

Digital Portfolio

We attract over 2.5 million visitors every month throughout our digital platform. Sites in our advertising platform include: 

    News for Designer Edge, CAD/CAE, CAM, BIM, Manufacturing, 3D Printing, Electronics, Education and PLM/ERP.

    Industries covered include: aerospace, automotive, consumer good, architecture & construction, defence & military, electronics & semiconductors, energy, process & utilities, manufacturing, marine & offshore, transportation, materials, and medical

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    Online community for engineering professionals

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    Online community for computer/IT professionals

    Directory of CAD, CAM and CAE news

    CAD, CAM and CAE articles

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We help advertisers and marketers targeting the engineering industry engage engineers and begin a meaningful conversation. 

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